Enterprising approach to College Trade Fair

20 Nov 2023

A nearly sold-out Trade Fair featuring a range of products created by Years 10–11 innovation and enterprise students has attracted a crowd to the Chapman Room at College.

Commerce teacher Graeme Christey has been thrilled with the response to the Trade Fair, organised to showcase the work and products of the core innovation and enterprise classes.

“I was really pleased with the Trade Fair, with a wide range of products on display from the three classes and one group having a sponge throw on offer as stress relief,” he says. “The boys have worked together over five weeks to pull everything together on the day.

“Most products have been made by the boys and this has required a great deal of cooperation within groups and the preparation of management plans. With senior exams under way nearby, the boys have pre-planned their set up and moved quietly in readiness for the Trade Fair. While the boys have had a smaller target market with the seniors away, the groups have employed excellent marketing strategies that have attracted a large crowd. Most of their stock has been sold on the day.”