Connect, learn, and give in Wellbeing Week

07 Jun 2023

Have a break with a mate or connect over a quiz – Wellbeing Week at Christ’s College is in full swing.

College Head of Wellbeing Finn Melhuish believes the week “can improve student health by applying the five ways to wellbeing – connect, keep learning, be active, give, and take notice – through the activities on offer”.

“We support being more inclusive and want students to connect with each other and become more comfortable with their own wellbeing,” Finn says. “It is important to spend time with others in a manner that impacts on their wellbeing in a positive way.”

The boys have been encouraged to enjoy a Kit Kat in their House while checking in on a mate or having a chat with someone new. They have also exercised their minds, taking part in a fun facts quiz – with Corfe topping the quiz board, followed by School and Somes.

On Friday, the boys have made the most of the non-uniform day to wear casual clothes and raise funds for Christchurch’s planned new youth mental health facility, Kahurangi.