College thanks Annual Appeal donors

24 Mar 2021

The generous donors who have supported College families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have been recognised with a special “thank you” afternoon tea in the School House Library.

The Annual Appeal donors have helped ensure boys can continue to benefit from a College education, despite the financial hardship faced by some families over the past year.

Christ’s College Executive Principal Garth Wynne says that the Annual Appeal has raised nearly $100,000 this year to support families affected by the wider impact of the pandemic.

“We have already helped a number of our families and will continue to do so,” Mr Wynne says.

“It has been a very successful campaign to sustain the boys at College.”

Mr Wynne says that College appreciates the support of the donors, and the Christ’s College Old Boys’ Association (CCOBA).

For Old Boy and long-time donor Shailer Weston, it is very important to support the College community.

“We are duty bound to leave the place a better place than we found it,” Mr Weston says.

Another Old Boy and donor, Michael Gould, also believes it is vital to always “give a little back.”