College students learn to lead by deeds

27 May 2021

Inspired by College to achieve effective social change, four senior students have recently attended the World Vision Youth Conference to learn more about leadership.

Held at The Piano this month, Years 12 and 13 students Hanjun Kim, Charles Lord, Jasper Moss and Spencer Smith joined hundreds of secondary school students from across the South Island for talks and interactive activities.

All four are members of the College Service Committee, responsible for coordinating fundraising for charities and encouraging boys to volunteer their time.

Jasper says that the annual immersive youth conference is for anyone interested in leadership to enable social change.

“It’s for those who want to make their mark and make a difference,” he says.

“If we don’t act, who is going to take action for social change and a better world? This youth conference highlights the importance of not waiting around but rather driving the change – both nationally and globally.

“It underlines that we all have a voice, so don’t underestimate your own influence and ability to bring change. There are many problems facing our world and the conference shows how the next generation can help find solutions through leadership.”

Jasper was particularly impressed by the speakers, Yoseph Ayele and Lydia Hollister-Jones, and their messages of the importance of stepping up.

Yoseph is the co-founder and Chief Executive of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, a community of entrepreneurs that aims to address complex global challenges, while Lydia is a service-focused communications and marketing specialist.

The World Vision Youth Conference provides an opportunity for like-minded young leaders to connect and be inspired to help change people’s lives for the better, recognising the role of social justice.