Boot bag kicks off in style

12 Aug 2021

It’s in the bag! Year 13 students Anton Marshall and Sean Rutherford-Bradford are marketing a waterproof boot bag to keep sports gear safe and dry.

Their black lightweight backpack, customised with the College logo, has been a big hit with their 1st XV team and mates, keeping their gear dry while they’re on the field.

“I’ve used it the whole season and it’s definitely an improvement on what I’ve been using in previous years,” says Anton who is openside flanker for College.

“Not having to put on wet gear afterwards is great. You know everything will be dry. The boot bag has plenty of room for a hoodie and shoes and the external pocket is also waterproof and great for keeping your phone, rugby notebook and mouthguard in.”

What started as a class project in Year 9 has finally seen Sean and Anton promoting the real thing, which is made in Christchurch with printing by Koru Textiles.

“It’s been a good learning thing. Approaching business and negotiating has been a big learning curve. I eventually want to be in business and it’s been a real insight.”

Future runs of the boot bags may customize a player’s number or name, and Anton and Sean hope to interest the uniform shop to carry the basic model. The bag is not just for rugby players; they are working on interesting other sports, too.

There are still some bags available from the first production run at a cost of $45 from email hidden; JavaScript is required.