Big win for the Eco-Action team

26 Nov 2023

Congratulations to David Newton and his Eco-Action Nursery Trust team for winning the Sustainable Business Network Outstanding Collaboration Award.

Judges described the Trust as an intergenerational initiative with so much heart.

“They have collaborated with schools, communities and local authorities to grow native trees, mitigate climate change and provide vital habitat for our native species. This collaboration just makes sense,” the judges said.

“It is an upstream approach to sustainability, both socially and environmentally. It extends beyond schools and includes parents, whānau, and the wider community, which fosters a strong sense of place and wellbeing. The collaboration has led to significant progress and a transformative impact on the local ecosystem and society.”

Eco-Action which was founded in 2016, has planted more than 42,000 plants, and continues to expand.

David said the award was won by everyone who collaborated with the Trust.

“The real rewards, of course, are earnt by the participating students and volunteers who feel better about themselves and the positive impact they have on our planet.”

To save carbon and cost, the award was collected on behalf of College by Emma Flows-Williams, Head of Environment Rangi Ruru Girls’ School two years ago, and an Auckland colleague from Envirowaste, Laurance Nolan.