Arts Honours ties awarded

22 Sep 2022

The arts play a big part in many College students’ lives – from theatre productions to Chapel Choir. Honours ties were presented today at the last assembly for Term 3 to boys excelling in Chess, Debating, Drama, Theatresports, Choral and Instrumental Music.

They were:

Chess – Jordan Yee

Debating – Thimeth Wijesinghe, Yusef Elnahas

Drama – Adam Raitt, William Jones, James Higginson, Richard Harnett, Nicholas Brown, Sam Cross, William Sudell, Harry Sharr, Matthew Brett, Jacob Clements, Lachie Short, William Morris, Bruno Vaughan, Ryan Primus, Thimeth Wijesinghe, Elliot Grey, Ciaran Huntley, Ed Davidson, Oscar Gosling, Ollie Jones.

Theatresports – Ollie Jones, Adam Raitt, Ryan Primus, Joey Young, Oscar Gosling, Oli Aikawa

Choral Music – Bruce Chen, Yusef Elnahas, Oscar Gosling, James Griffin, James Higginson, Ollie Jones, Arthur Mahon, Robert McClean, Ryan Primus, Harry Vincent, Hugo Wynn Thomas, Tommy Whitteker, Thimeth Wijesinghe, Kevin Thiele

Instrumental Music – Michael Taylor, Robbie McClean