All about the music

12 Aug 2021

The scale of College’s musical talent was on stage for all to see in today’s special Music Honours’ Ties assembly.

Mainly Year 13s – although there were a few younger boys who have performed at regional and national level – the students were singled out for their exceptional service to the school in choral, instrumental and contemporary music, to the congratulations of their colleagues, parents and the staff.

The choral music specialists were all in the Chapel Choir and many were also in the Schola Cantorum; they were leaders in House choir events and many sang at a regional or national level. Many of the instrumentalists were only introduced to their respective musical instruments on arrival at College, but had gone on to excel in performance. The contemporary musicians were engaged frequently in the Big Band and rock bands, winning national attention for their efforts.

Pianist Bruce Chen, one of the recipients of a Music Honours’ Tie, set the tone for the special assembly by a brilliant performance of Gyorgy Ligeti’s Musica Ricercata.