2022 Boarding Awards

19 Sep 2022

Our 2022 Boarding Awards recognise our standout students, celebrating their service to their Houses at a special dinner.

Our Rutherford Cup winners – Richard Harnett (Flower’s House), Jake Abbiss (School House, and William Simpson (Richards House) – have been recognised for making a difference in their Houses through their citizenship and service.

The leadership of Jack Smith (School House), Tom Hodges (Flower’s House), and Jamie Maling (Richards House) has also been acknowledged with Head of Boarding Awards.

Our Boarding Programme Awards have been won by Archie Nijjar (Flower’s House), Nick McQuilkin (School House), and Ethan Crilly (Richards House), while Will Studholme (School House) has been recognised with the Agriculture Cup.

CCOBA President – and Richards House Old Boy – Angus Dysart-Paul spoke at the dinner, challenging the boys to be confident in all their endeavours, and also appreciate their time as a College boarder.

Next year, Lachie Short (Flower’s House) will be Head of Boarding while Ed Davidson (Flower’s House) will be Head Boy of College.