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Assembly Notes – 20 September

20 Sep 2018


Head Prefect asks the school to stand. Greets the school. Asks for silence as he says a prayer.


Otago Junior Maths Competition
Oscar Gosling
Jasper Moss
Henry Eglinton
Oliver King

Honours Ties Awards
Alexander McKenzie-Rimmer - Drama
Tom Davidson - Drama
Theodore Davis - Drama
Theodore Davis - Choral Music
Ollie Fradd - Choral Music
Alex Hlavac - Choral Music
Charlie Horncastle - Choral Music
Sam Howard - Choral Music
Han-Young Kim - Choral Music
George Murray - Choral Music
Robert Rolleston - Choral Music
Alex Rowe - Choral Music
Richard Seaton - Choral Music
Jack Tyler - Choral Music
Wills Wynn Thomas - Choral Music
Angus Mossman - Contemporary Music
Robert Rolleston - Contemporary Music
George Murray - Contemporary Music
Angus Murray - Contemporary Music
Jonothan Stewart - Contemporary Music
Humphrey Bullen - Contemporary Music
Matias Biraben-Clough - Contemporary Music
Zac Matson - Contemporary Music
Max Toth - Contemporary Music

Winter Sports Awards
Rugby 1st XV
Hockey 1st XI
Football Junior XI
Basketball U15 team
CSS & SISS Ski champs
Ice Hockey – Sebastien Lallemant
NZSS Fencing – Oscar Aynsley & Eden Pidgeon
NZSS Swimming – James Currie

Sport Colours Awards
Will Duston - Hockey
Lars Dalley - Hockey
Nick Lidstone - Hockey
Sam Blake - Hockey
Zac May - Hockey
Henry Foster - Hockey
Tim Cross - Hockey
Sam Darry - Rugby
Patrick Thacker - Rugby
Arthur Allen - Rugby
Lachie Gunson - Rugby
Zach Gallagher - Rugby
Amhlaoibh Porter - Rugby
Kurtis Weeks - Rugby
Shun Miyake - Rugby
George Coull - Rugby
Inosi Nasiganiyavi - Rugby
Ted Grigg - Football
Ralph Chiang - Badminton
Sean Swanson - Cycling
Rupert Limbrick - Sailing
Matthew Bayley - Sailing
Humphrey Bullen - Sailing

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