Turning the tables

30 Oct 2019

Day in day out during term time the Dining Hall staff come up with nourishing and tasty meals and snacks, working tirelessly to ensure the boarders are fed and watered, fuelled for life.

Their work does not go unnoticed, however. To show their appreciation for five years worth of deliciousness, on Monday 28 October – Labour Day – the Year 13 boarders chose to turn the tables, inviting the catering staff and their families to sit back and enjoy a meal prepared by House staff and the boys.

School Housemaster Arthur Wood cooked up some tasty cuts on the barbecue, while the boys prepared salads and potatoes, along with cakes and ice cream for dessert. After the meal was finished, the boys handled the clean up as well.

“It was really sweet and thoughtful,” says Dining Hall Manager Rex Quigley. “The nature of catering means there’s always something to be done, and you just have to do it, seven days a week. So for the caterers to be catered for like that, to have a shift where everybody can enjoy lunch and nobody has to work in the kitchen, was really special.”

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