To market, to market

18 Sep 2018

Year 10 Economics students tested their business chops with Bumper Balls on Upper on Thursday 13 September and a Market Day on Friday 14 September.

While there were not quite enough takers to keep all 12 of the giant, transparent Bumper Balls in action, the boys that did give it a go had a blast.

“It’s awesome,” said one student. “When you get hit you feel the G force, and when you’re upside down, you feel really helpless.”

Teacher Jennifer Wong said the Bumper Balls team had put a lot of thought into their project, deliberately choosing to market something other than food.

But, food sells – and fast, judging by the queues forming at many stands on Friday lunchtime, with brilliant sunshine and the wide variety on offer bringing buyers out in force.

Catering for all tastes, the menu featured everything from burgers and kebabs, hash browns, tacos, bacon butties, and fish and chips, to spiders, slushies, fudge, ice cream, chocolate, and pikelets – and students enthusiastically supported the efforts of the boys involved.

Clearly entrepreneurship is alive and well at College, especially if it involves eating, and Market Day was a huge success.

Look out for more Enterprise initiatives coming soon. Other groups will sell firewood and rugby boot bags, another plans to create a website to sell goods sourced from China, and another will run a “water bomb” competition in the College pool.