They shaved for a cure – and raised more than $61,000

18 Sep 2020

It was buzz cuts all round when more than 70 College boys shed their locks in Shave for aCure today raising more than $61,000 for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand.

And the boys’ reactions?

“It’s smooth and clean.”

“It feels really nice.”

“It’s cold.”

“It looks so weird.”

“My shadow has completely changed.”

“I found a couple of scars.”

“It’s smooth – I like it.”

“I can feel the wind and the sun on my head.”

“I like the way it feels but I don’t like the way it looks.”

Seventeen ARA apprentice barbers from its first barber intake, did the job in the College assembly hall, cascades of hair falling to the floor and being whisked away by a large broom before the donor could have any regrets!

Jen and Melike, two Level 4 barbers on the course said it was a privilege to shear the boys’ heads.

“It’s a fantastic cause and a great effort.”

One vowed it was best to “go round the sides first” to execute a buzz cut; the other found it better to go “once right over from the front” first off.

As the boys queued to be shorn, no one appeared to be having second thoughts.

“Everyone’s done an amazing job getting sponsorship and the guys are pretty committed,” said Angad Vraich as his own hair fell to the floor.”

Assistant Principal Community Engagement and Special Projects Neil Porter grinned as his hair went west, his wife Debra videoing the event.

“He normally has it short, and it was driving him nuts; he’d never had it so long,” she said.

Head Prefect Dominic Edmond shed his curly locks for the cause, as did Year 10, 15-year-old Condell’s House student Elliott Grey, whose efforts raised the most -- more than $4000 of the College total.

“This is a cause dear to my heart. I had a family member who had blood cancer. Friends, neighbours, work colleagues, and nice family members have all given their support.”