The magic of the masters

23 Jun 2020

For as long as there have been people there have been performers and, through the millennia, drama has allowed us to make sense of the human condition, explore truths, entertain and educate. At College, we challenge our senior drama students to explore, discover, engage and present drama classics, and explore the connections and contributions within an original theatre form.

On Thursday 18 June in the OBT, an appreciative crowd of friends and parents turned out to enjoy the Year 13 Drama class presentation of 10 extracts of Beckett’s masterpiece of absurdist theatre, Waiting for Godot. The boys put their heart and soul into their performances, creating some excellent work.

This performance was the first in our Drama Masters Progression series, where senior students look at different periods of drama, focusing on their historical, sociological, political and literary roots, and devise a performance that is faithful to their presentational style and the context in which the work was first created.

The series continues with Epic (Brechtian) performances by Year 11 students on Tuesday 30 June at 7pm, and with Elizabethan performances by Year 12 students on Thursday 2 July at 7pm. Everyone’s welcome; free admission.

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