The art of the possible

03 Jun 2020

When Director of Drama David Chambers wanted to create a website for the forthcoming College–Rangi Ruru Girls’ School co-production Evita he knew exactly who to turn to – and Year 11 student and web developer Bruce Chen couldn’t resist the opportunity, creating a striking and informative site to showcase the talented cast and crew behind this production of the story of the legendary Eva Perón.

“DC gave me a brief and we discussed what he wanted, but he gave me a lot of flexibility in terms of the design,” says Bruce. “It’s not a difficult website in terms of technology as it’s purely informational, but it has to look good.”

He created several prototypes before settling on the live version and stays on top of what needs updating and when to ensure it remains current.

“The show opens in September and as soon as tickets are available I’ll add a link to the booking site. Plus I’ll be adding photographs and videos, and other items of interest. It’s a work in progress.”

Evita is a big part of his life at the moment. As well as creating the website, Bruce is also playing keyboard in the live orchestra and says it is exciting to be part of such a huge undertaking and to see the production take shape.

Bruce already has considerable web design and construction experience. He has created sites for various student-run groups and was the brains behind the College clock application on Schoolbox.

“I have a limited amount of time, so mainly focus on what I enjoy, but I like using my skills to help other people. I’ve always had an interest in computers and taught myself to code by watching tutorials online. Although web development is just a hobby right now, it’s something I’m quite passionate about.”

Find out more about the College–Rangi Ruru senior production of Evita at and check out more of Bruce’s work at

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