Thank you, mum

14 May 2018

Year 13 student Lachie Gunson was both surprised and delighted when his mum, Kathryn, decided to travel from the family farm in Ongaonga, Hawke’s Bay, for the School House Mother’s Day High Tea on Friday 11 May. “I only heard mum was coming down that afternoon. It was so cool to have her here, I really enjoyed it.”

Kathryn says it was the perfect excuse for a trip to Christchurch. She made the most of her time, staying for the weekend, watching Lachie play rugby on Saturday afternoon and taking him out to dinner that evening, before flying home on Sunday afternoon.

Head of House Cameron Nicolson says the Mother’s Day High Tea is a new School House tradition, which started in 2017. “It came about because we wanted to create more of a community feel throughout the House, inclusive of parents. It’s also a great way to get the boys involved in creating a special afternoon for their mums.”

And special it is, taking place in the historic School House library, with beautifully set tables, fine china, a selection of sweet and savoury morsels and drinks, and the mothers encouraged to sit down, relax, chat, and enjoy the refreshments served by the boys.

“I love the whole concept,” says Cameron. “I’m from Queenstown and it’s not easy to make Mother’s Day special if I’m not there. This is a great way for us to show how much we value our mums and to thank them for their love and support, and I know they really appreciate the effort that goes into the whole afternoon. It was a huge success. I can’t wait to hear how it progresses in future … hopefully another good tradition, well maintained.”