Straight shooters

31 Jul 2020

Gun young College clay target shooters have shown excellent form at recent secondary school shoots, with eight boys participating in the competition held at Ellesmere Clay Target Club on Sunday 5 July, and 11 competing at the Darfield Gun Club on Sunday 26 July. Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 compete in the A grade and students in Years 9 and 10 compete in the B grade at secondary school shoots.


Year 13 students Connor Graham and Ben Davis, Year 12 students George Nehoff, Harry Trolove and Tom Macdonald, Year 11 students Charlie Burdon and Digby Sheild, and Year 10 student Henry Lassen attended the Ellesmere shoot.

The day started with the Skeet event and with all eight students shooting. Henry scored 25/25 and won the event outright, while Henry and Connor achieved a combined total of 47/50, which won them the team event.

In the Single Rise, Tom scored 20/20 and went on to compete in the shoot-off, while George, Connor and Ben all scored 19/20.

The Points Score event also doubles as the team event for the competition, with the four best individual results counting towards the team total. Connor scored 60/60, winning first place after a shoot-off, while Ben shot 59/60. The best four scores for the College team (232/240) were enough for the boys to win the team event.

Henry, Ben and Connor scored 10/10 for the Single Barrel event, which meant Henry won the B grade event outright, while Ben and Connor went on to a shoot-off against several other competitors. Connor eventually achieved 3rd place.

The High Over All (HOA) award is out of 90 and is calculated by combining the Single Rise, Points Score and Single Barrel scores. While four College shooters scored in the 80s (Connor 89, Ben 88, Henry 85 and George 84), it was Connor who went on to a shoot-off. Eventually, after many rounds, Connor was the winner by 1 point.


HOA – Connor
1st Open Skeet – Henry
1st Open Skeet Team – Henry, Connor
1st Open Team – Connor, Ben, George, Henry, Harry, Tom
1st A grade Points Score – Connor
1st B grade Single Barrel – Henry
2nd B grade Points Score – Henry
3rd A grade Single Barrel – Connor
Shoot-offs – Ben (A grade Single Barrel), Tom (A grade Single Rise)


The eight boys who competed at Ellesmere were joined by Year 11 students George Helmore and Maurice Gillard, and Year 10 student Conor Nicholson for the Darfield event.

In the Single Rise event George scored 20/20 and went on to the shoot-off, while Henry scored 19/20 and won the B grade outright.

Henry scored 59/60 in the Points Score, winning the B grade event. The best four College scores were Henry (59/60), Connor (53/60), George N (53/60) and George H (51/60), but their combined total of 216/240 fell short for the win.

George N, George H and Harry qualified for the A grade Single Barrel shoot-off, with George N achieving 3rd place.


1st B grade Points Score – Henry
1st B grade Single Rise – Henry
2nd A grade Single Rise – George N
3rd A grade Single Barrel – George N
Shoot-offs – George H, George N, Harry (A grade Single Barrel)