Stellar NCEA results highlight our academic reputation

01 Mar 2021

Our 2020 NCEA results were among the highest in recent years, consolidating our position as a school of academic excellence.

The Year 12 group, who are now Year 13s, have upped the ante again with nearly 38% of the boys gaining a Level 2 Excellence endorsement. That’s a rise of almost 10% in the past five years.

Not to be outdone, the 2020 Year 11s, now our Year 12s, also had a 38% Excellence endorsement rate at Level 1. This is close to double the national average and 10% above the average of Decile 10 schools for boys.

In spite of the changes made to accommodate Covid, the boys’ achievements are exceptional.

We’re proud of how they kept their focus and determination throughout a challenging year.

In 2020, our boys also gained 49 Scholarships, and seven of those were from current students. Scholarship is often seen as the pinnacle of the end of schooling exams but for the following boys, they gained scholarship at an even earlier benchmark in Years 11 or 12.

Isaac Heap and George Gearry gained Scholarships in English; Bruce Chen in Technology; James Currie in Calculus; Claude Tellick in Geography; and Callum Hackston in both English and Geography.

The resilience of this generation is extraordinary. They have experienced events that no one should have to and they have thrived, not only academically, but also in the sporting and cultural spheres.

Most importantly, they are men of good character.

These amazing results are not just a testament to the students but to their teachers and whānau. Thank you all.

The recipients are below.

Gold Badges and Ties

The criteria for the Gold Badge is 90 Excellence credits in one year or 100 Excellence credits over more than a year. The Gold Tie is awarded to the top five students who have the highest % of Excellence credits in one academic year.

Year 11 Gold Badges

Hunter Adam, Oli Aikawa, Charlie Eglinton, Oscar Gosling, James Higginson, Liam Jack, Ollie Jones, Jasper Moss, Alex Scott, Harry Sharr, Bruno Vaughan, Benji Ward, Thimeth Wijesinghe

Year 11 Gold Ties and Gold Badges

Bruce Chen, James Griffin, Richard Harnet, Will Law, Henri Murison

Year 12 Gold Badge

The criteria is 70 Excellence credits in the one year or 80 Excellence credits over more than a year. Again the Gold Tie criteria is based on the % of Excellence credits in the one academic year. For students who already received a Badge in 2020, these students will receive gold buttons.

Rory Doull, Joshua Erasmus, Oliver Hlavac, Josh Jolly, Hanjun Kim, James Luxon, Thomas McEwan, Kosei Oikawa, George Trolove, Hanson Xie

Y12 Re-awards Gold Buttons

Alex Brett, Henry Briscoe, Thomas Clarke, George Gearry, Callum Hackston, Shyam Hari, Jonathan Huo, Sam Kelly, Nont Prachuabmoh, Nant Prachuabmoh

Y12 Gold Ties and all receiving Gold Buttons

Jack Belcher, Jame Currie, Janindu Pahalawatta, Bradley Shearer, Claude Tellick

Y12 Gold Buttons to Academic Prefect

Jeremy Kinley