Something's coming

06 Mar 2018

The provocative posturing of rival street gangs, flexing muscles, dancing and fighting, and the doomed relationship of star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria changed the face of musical theatre forever when it burst onto the New York stage in 1957.

On Wednesday 16 May, West Side Story will open at College – with a stellar Rangi Ruru Girls’ School and Christ’s College company recreating the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, and taking on all the classic songs like “Maria”, “Tonight” and “America”.

The cast, orchestra, crew and production team are now fully immersed in the story, eager to bring West Side Story to life. Actors, singers, dancers and musicians are rehearsing at least three times a week, and design, wardrobe, lighting and set construction is being organised and prepared, soon to transform the Assembly Hall into suburban New York.

Tickets will be available very soon. West Side Story looks set to be another spectacular College–Rangi Ruru co-production, so get a party together and come and enjoy classic musical theatre at its best.

Click here to view a sneak peek from our latest dance rehearsal.

West Side Story dance rehearsal

The boys from the Jets Gang rehearsing the 'Cool' scene from West Side Story.