Serving it up at Prefect induction

01 Feb 2019

It’s about serving, not being served.

That was the fundamental message delivered at the 2019 Prefect Induction Service in the Chapel on Friday 1 February as 24 new Prefects received their badge of office before the whole school, parents and families.

School Chaplain the Rev. Bosco Peters said the service signified an important start to the year and he shared “a handful of ideas about leadership - for the prefects and for all.”

“Believe in something bigger than yourself – all good leaders do, whether it’s about a cause, a community or a team. And build on what God has given you, the skills, gifts and strengths you have, as well as areas that are not so strong – and help each other.”

He said it good leaders brought out the best in people, and suggested the new Prefects learn to delegate, share and include others in their responsibilities.

The fourth point was about bridging the gaps of difference.

“So often we misunderstand how good leadership works. Look at the example of Jesus – he says whoever wishes to be great must be your servant. Good leadership is the opposite of bossing and of dictatorship – it’s about serving.”

And he advised “blind your eyes to petty criticism.”

“Listen to advice and constructive criticism, but remember you can’t please everyone all the time. And be able to bounce back after you’re knocked down.”

Executive Principal Garth Wynne asked for the school’s loyalty and support of the new 24-member Prefect group, and Head Prefect Zach Gallagher, on their behalf, made the promise to the school:

“We will endeavor to fulfil loyally the duties and responsibilities of Prefects and will do our best to uphold the good name of the College both within and without.”

Garth then admitted each, outlining the responsibility and privileges of the role, and stating his confidence that they would loyally carry out the duties of their position.

Each was presented with a crested tie, plus a ‘silky’ tie for more formal occasions, and a copy of Dr Sanjiv Chopra’s Leadership by Example – the 10 key principles of all great leaders.

Parents and invited guests joined the new Prefects afterwards for morning tea in the Chapman Room hosted by Garth.

The 2019 Prefect group is:

Head Prefect – Zach Gallagher
Deputy Head Prefect – Max Heywood
Head of Boarding – Tom Davidson
Head of Condell’s House – Tom Vincent
Head of Corfe House – Oliver Beresford
Head of Flower’s House – Will Greenslade
Head of Harper House – Gus Coates
Head of Jacobs House – Jack Glass
Head of Julius House – Fergus Beadel
Head of Richards House – Max Goulter
Head of Rolleston House – Ollie Brakenridge
Head of School House – Will Chaffey
Head of Somes House – Fin Smith
Head of Academic – Joshua Stevenson
Head of Arts and Culture – Zac Matson
Head of Character & Leadership – Nicholas Lidstone
Head of Chapel Choir – Matthew Todd
Chapel Prefect – Chris Le
Chapel Prefect – Jack Lindo
Head of Environment – Jordy Annand
Head of International and Round Square – Mark Ma
Head of Service – Tommy Whitaker
Head of Sport – Louis Clark
Head of Wellbeing – Matias Biraben-Clough