Seizing his chance – and making it

01 Aug 2017

It is not a career choice for anyone who is not 100 per cent committed, but actor and singer – and Old Boy – Nic Kyle’s passion for his craft is clear. “It’s such a good job, you meet so many amazing people and do such amazing things.”

Nic was back at College on Monday 31 July to talk to Year 13 drama students about his life in theatre and share with them his thoughts about how to make it as a performer. The session took the form of a chat and Q&A facilitated by Director of Drama David Chambers. Nic was candid and entertaining, discussing both the pitfalls and highlights of treading the boards.

Nic trained at NASDA in Christchurch, then did an internship with the Court Theatre, before working in various productions all over New Zealand. “I took every opportunity I could, and used every opportunity to learn more about myself as an actor. With every show I felt a bit more comfortable, I could feel I was getting better.”

His big break came when he was chosen to sing with Elaine Paige on her Australia and New Zealand tour in 2012. “I can still remember where I was when I received her email saying she wanted me to audition,’’ he says. “It was such a great feeling. Elaine really helped my career and, when the tour was over, she made the impossible possible by finding me an agent in London. She was my golden ticket ...”

After four years working in the UK and Europe, however, Nic discovered he had literally overstayed his welcome. An overdue visa proved an insurmountable obstacle and he was told he had five days to leave the country. Nic used the experience and his time based in London as inspiration for his new one-man cabaret show Deported. “If you get into the habit of writing stuff down, recording your life, then if something weird or ridiculous happens you’ll have some great material ready to go.”

When asked what his advice for aspiring actors would be, Nic was quick to respond. “Get inspired, watch good things with good actors, be happy to be there and easy to work with ... and don’t hang around waiting to be employed, but think about ways to make your own work, put on your own shows.”

Although the London chapter of his life is over, the old saying “all the world’s a stage” holds true. As Nic says, “The good thing about acting is you can work anywhere.”

After a brief hiatus in New Zealand and a bit of travelling, he has his sights set on restarting his career in Canada. It seems there is no stopping this resourceful, optimistic, talented young man.