Routine, Thursday 26 January - Tuesday 7 February 2017

08 Dec 2016

Start of year routine web

Dayboy Year 9 orientation activities, as arranged by Housemasters, take place in the week before term starts

Wednesday 25 January - New staff orientation

Thursday 26 January
9.00am – 3.00pm - Course change interviews

Friday 27 January - Staff only day
Whole staff meeting
HOD meeting, Boardroom
Housemasters’ meeting, Boardroom
Board Staff Dinner

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 January
Year 9 boarders and selected year 13 boarders return, as required by Housemasters

Monday 30 January Uniform for the day - Blazer
8.15am All Year 9 boys meet in Houses
8.30am Executive Principal's address to all new boys and their parents, Chapel
9.00am Refreshments on Quad for Year 9 parents
9.00am Year 9 meet in Old Boys' Theatre. Orientation programme commences (separate programme)
Concludes 3.00pm
9.00am Department meetings
9.30am-2.00pm Prefects orientation
11.00am Housemasters meet Assistant Housemasters
12.15pm Year 9 lunch - dayboys return to Houses, boarders to Dining Hall
2.00-5.00pm Meetings for Year 10-12 dayboys with Assistant Housemasters by apointment
Meetings for Year 13 dayboys, with Housemasters by appointment
5.30pm Dinner for boarders
6.00pm Remaining Year 13 boarders due back in Houses
Tuesday 31 January Uniform for the day - Blazer
8.15am Year 9 dayboys report to Houses
8.30-10.30am Year 9 athletics heats
9.00-10.30am Year 10 dayboys report to OBT for administration session
10.30am-12.00pm All Year 13 boys meet in OBT for administration session
10.30-11.00am Break for Year 9
11.00am-12.30pm Year 9 swimming heats
11.00am-1.00pm Year 10 dayboy athletic heats
12.30pm Lunch
1.00pm All boarders in Year 10-12 due in houses
1.00-2.30pm Year 12 dayboys report to OBT for administration session
1.15-3.30pm Year 9 IT orientation, Chapman Room - laptops required
2.00-5.00pm Meetings for Years 10-12 boarders with Assistant Housemasters by appointment
Meetings for Year 13 boarders with Housemasters by appointment
2.30-4.00pm Year 11 dayboys report to OBT for administration session
4.00-5.30pm New student (Years 10-13) and parents' orientation, Chapman Room
5.30pm Dinner for boarders
7.00pm Year 10 boarders athletic heats
Years 11 and 12 boarding administration session, OBT
Wednesday 1 February Uniform for the day - Blazer
8.20am All year groups at school
8.45am Welcoming ceremony for new staff and students, Quad
9.15am Chapel
9.45am Assembly
10.15am Break and administrative session for Year 10 boarders, OBT
11.00am Period 3 for all year groups
Normal routine as set
2.30pm Year 9 tennis & cricket trials, Year 11-13 swimming heats
7.00pm Year 11 boarders athletic heats
Thursday 2 February
Normal routine as set
4.00pm Swimming heats, all grades
Friday 3 February
Prefects induction service
Normal routine as set
Monday 6 February Waitangi Day recognition - School holiday
Boarder activities
Tuesday 7 February
8.20-8.50am House meetings (no Assembly)