Room to grow

19 Feb 2019

The Environment Committee are spearheading a campaign to make a difference in the Red Zone, bringing an abandoned site back to verdant life.

Year 13 student and Head of Environment Jordy Annand says the committee takes the long view. It is not a fast fix, but a project and site to be nurtured for years to come. They held their first working bee for 2019 on Sunday 17 February, clearing rubbish, mulching, planting flax and toi toi and preparing the ground for future work. “We’ve got Sunday mornings in Week 4 and Week 7 of each term booked. The prep is underway and we plan to have half a hectare planted by the end of the year.”

Volunteers from among boarders and dayboys were happy to lend a hand, but Jordy says it would be great to see more people involved. “The boys who came along had a lot of fun. It’s an excellent community service opportunity, and a good way to learn more about the environment and get your hands dirty doing something worthwhile.”

Jordy sees it as a legacy project and, ultimately, a space for people, plants and wildlife. “It’s somewhere you can come back to time and time again, see everything growing and know you made a difference.”

The committee are grateful for the support of Canterbury Landscape Supplies, Tiki Wine and Mainland Tanks & Drums, who have supplied potting mix, irrigation tanks and tank stands.

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