Past presidents pop in

03 May 2017

An enthusiastic group of past CCOBA presidents and their partners were wined and dined at a pop-up restaurant within the newly restored Tower on Monday 1 May.

This annual gathering has become a popular event on the CCOBA calendar. It is a lovely way to acknowledge those who have given so much of their time to College.

Executive Principal Garth Wynne welcomed the group and discussed the vision for College as outlined in the Strategy 2020 plan. Later in the evening, current CCOBA president Jeremy Johnson (12355) talked about how the Old Boys’ Association continues to support College and the importance of scholarships, as such assistance enables talented boys from diverse backgrounds to benefit from a College education.

The Honourable Peter Penlington QC (5517), who served from 1984–85, was the most senior past president in attendance, with other years also well represented.

Special thanks to the Dining Hall staff, who conjured up a delicious meal and accommodated the unusual venue with such aplomb.

DSC 4000

From left: Hugh Lindo (9722), Ben Walker (11512), Johnny Cochrane (10406), Jeremy Johnson (12355), Tim de Castro (5571), Tim Herrick (6406), Tom Tothill (5712), Garth Wynne, Peter Penlington (5517), Derek Banks (6247), Julian Holderness (6409), Colin Averill (5733) and Brian Stokes (5976)