Off on a new adventure

30 Jan 2018

Looking smart and well turned out, if a little nervous, this year’s intake of Year 9 students, accompanied by their parents, gathered in Chapel on Monday morning, 29 January.

The boys soon relaxed in the warmth of the welcome they received from Chaplain Bosco Peters and Executive Principal Garth Wynne. Rev. Peters outlined the special place Chapel has at the heart of the school and College’s commitment to instilling Christian virtues, while Mr Wynne talked about how starting a new school is like getting used to a new pair of shoes – not quite right at first, but soon reassuringly comfortable.

Mr Wynne, assisted by Head Prefect Max Goodwin, then gave each boy a carabiner to mark the start of their learning journey at College. In mountaineering, carabiners symbolise strength, connection and safety, but also give freedom and control to the climber. Mr Wynne told the boys College will be their base and support, but it is up to them to rise to the challenges they will face, be active participants in their education, and explore and embrace the many opportunities available to them.

After the ceremony, the parents gathered for refreshments on the Quad, while the boys set off to take part in Year 9 orientation day activities. By the end of their busy first day the boys had started to make new friends, were able to find their way around the campus, had met key staff, and were ready to begin their College adventure.

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