New voices in harmony

10 May 2017

A service and ceremony was held in Chapel on the evening of Wednesday 3 May to mark the induction of 20 new boys into the Chapel Choir.

The ceremony began with a blessing of the Choir leaders, Year 13 students Hugo Beale, Jeremy Lidstone and Chris Nye, and Year 10 students Sam Barnett and Jack Churcher, and an announcement Jack Churcher has been appointed co-head treble. The new members of the choir were then given their surplices, to confirm they had passed the audition and trial of membership and could assume full Choir duties.

Finally, choristers, staff, family and friends gathered for a celebratory supper in the Chapman Room.

The new choristers are Year 12 student Nic Pinckney, and Year 9 students Jamie Barr, Jack Belcher, Alex Brett, Henry Briscoe, Jake Cutler, Joshua Erasmus, Shyam Hari, Oliver Hlavac, Justin Hodges, Sam Kelly, Dominic Kerr, Hanjun Kim, Charles Lord, Hamish McCulloch, Gus McQuarrie, Kosei Oikawa, Nathan Orchard, Janindu Pahalawatta and Tim Stewart.