New Prefects inducted for 2021

05 Feb 2021

Prefect gowns flowing, the 25 students of the 2021 Prefect group were formally inducted before the whole school today, their families and friends watching on in the College Assembly Hall.

Chaplain Bosco Peters reminded everyone about leadership and leading, and the need for all to develop a capacity to both lead and to follow. He outlined different methods of leadership. Executive Principal Garth Wynne invited Head Prefect Jack Belcher, on behalf of the other 24 new Prefects, to make their promise to the school:

“We will endeavor to fulfil loyally the duties and responsibilities of Prefects and will do our best to uphold the good name of the College both within and without.”

Mr Wynne then admitted each “to the responsibility and privileges of a Prefect of Christ’s College, in the confidence that you will loyally discharge the duties of your position and uphold the good name of the school both within and without.”

He presented each with a Prefect tie plus a copy of Leadership by Example – the 10 key principles of all great leaders by Dr Sanjiv Chopra with David Fisher, and asked the school to give the new prefects its loyalty and support so they can fulfil their duties with character and integrity.

After the service the Prefects, their parents and invited guests enjoyed morning tea hosted by Mr Wynne.

The 2021 Prefect Group is:

Head Prefect – Jack Belcher
Deputy Head Prefect – Jamie Barr
Head of Boarding – Henry Briscoe
Head of House Condell’s – Sam Idiens
Head of House Corfe – Sam Dickie
Head of House Harper – Charlie Cameron
Head of House Jacobs – Isaac Aitken
Head of House Julius – Hanjun Kim
Head of House Flower’s – Sam Hadley
Head of House Richards – Nathan McKenzie
Head of House Rolleston – George Gearry
Head of House School – Louis Elworthy
Head of House Somes – Tom Clarke
Head of Academic – Jeremy Kinley
Head of Arts and Culture – Josh Jolly
Head of Biculturalism – Bradley Shearer
Head of Character and Leadership – Oliver Hlavac
Head of Chapel Choir - Josh Erasmus
Chapel Prefect – Kosei Oikawa
Chapel Prefect – Freddie Sudell
Head of Environment – Janindu Pahalawatta
Head of International & Round Square – Claude Tellick
Head of Service – Charles Lord
Head of Sport – Liam Alexander
Head of Wellbeing – Thomas Stephens