Live and inspired

07 Nov 2018

They knew it was going to be close, so the junior Theatresports team gave it their all, thrilled to win their heat in the Theatresports in Schools competition at the Court Theatre on Sunday 4 November.

The team – Year 9 students Henry King and Alex Scott, and Year 10 students James Currie, Sam Kelly, Nathan Orchard and Claude Tellick – has worked together for most of the year, learning the improvisation skills essential to success in Theatresports.

In Theatresports, competition is fierce, but fun. “You have to be able to rise to the challenge, think on your feet, and perform,” says Henry. “Everyone wants to win, but it’s still light-hearted and fun. You do your best and hope the judges like it.”

Performing in his first Theatresports competition, Sam confesses he was nervous at the start, “But as it goes on you just get into it, do your stuff, and forget the audience is even there.”

Coach Nikki Bleyendaal says participating in Theatresports inspires students to develop a variety of new acting techniques, improves their self-confidence, and unleashes their creativity. “Teams are required to spontaneously create scenes based on games (with strict rules) and audience suggestions. It’s a lively and uproarious celebration of improvised theatre.”

The boys are now preparing for the grand finale, which will take place on Sunday 2 December.

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