Let them eat cake

14 Sep 2018

Student Fawzan Sugarwala’s tasty “burger” has taken the Year 13 Design & Visual Communication class cake challenge to a whole new level.

“I wanted to make something a bit different and thought it would be funny to have a cake that doesn’t look like a cake,” says Fawzan. “It’s actually devil’s food cake, iced with caramel-coloured frosting to look like bread, cake crumbs stuck together to get the texture of the burger, and coloured fondant icing to create the lettuce and cheese.”

DVC teacher Monique Ellis-Martin says the cake challenge, while completely unrelated to their class work, is a fun way to get the boys to think outside the box and look at the design process in a different way.

Despite the success of this one-off creation, Fawzan doesn’t plan to moonlight as a baker anytime soon. “It didn’t take long to come up with the idea, but it did take a while to make it ... and I should thank my mum for helping out, I couldn’t have done it on my own.”

Burger Cake 1Burger Cake 3Burger Cake 2