Lessons for a fulfilling life

09 Aug 2017

Health, wellbeing, positive education, character strengths, mindfulness, leadership skills ... These are not the latest educational buzzwords, there is growing evidence to suggest such concepts have intrinsic value in education and, when integrated into school programmes, lead to better outcomes for students.

College parent Dr Lucy Hone and Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education and College Counsellor John Quinn hosted a parent information evening on Tuesday 1 August, in order to share the school’s plan to embed these ideas into all aspects of College life.

From next year, the focus will be on character strengths, creating a growth mindset and mindfulness. John plans to create a set of resources for parents and to hold more information evenings in order to continue to spread the message.

“It’s about getting the conversation started,” says John. “And it’s important. We have to give our young men better tools and better options to help them manage their lives.”

John says education is a three-way partnership between family, student and school. “Family plays a significant role. They support us as we support them and we all support the boys.”

Lucy Hone John Quinn