Ko te Kura Karaiti, E ara! E ara!

11 Sep 2018

Strong and confident, voices and actions reverberating around Williams Court, all boys in each House stepped forward to express their pride, strength and unity, and lay down their challenge to win the House Haka competition.

Adjudicators Steve Everingham, Wiremu Gray and Manu Whata explained they were looking for passion and – particularly in Māori Language Week – pronunciation, the clarity of Te Reo, and the power of their actions. But, according to Wiremu, “The biggest thing is the enjoyment and energy the boys put in.”

The judges had a tough decision to make and, when the winners were announced, stressed there was very little in it. “It was a bit hard being the new College haka, but good to see everyone giving it their all,” said Wiremu. “All of you have the same mana when it comes to this haka and, although some of you made mistakes, you still came together and smashed it.”

The House Haka competition was held at lunchtime on Monday 10 September.

House Haka winners

1st – Richards House
2nd – Julius House
3rd – Jacobs House