Kapa haka breakfast for boys and parents

04 Feb 2021

Parents of boys wanting to join the College kapa haka group are invited to join their sons for breakfast in the Dining Hall next week.

At 8am on Thursday 11 February the group will be relaunched with a core of keen seniors and juniors who were involved last year pre-Covid level restrictions being imposed.

“Any boy wanting to be involved in kapa haka this year – and his parents – is invited to come,” says Dr Mike Field, who is in charge of the group.

“Ideally we’d love to build the group to a number where we can be involved in school life on a regular basis and compete against other schools.”

Practices will take place every Thursday from 8.15–9.15am, led by nationally-recognised composer and tutor Te Huaki Puanaki.

The boys will learn waiata, haka and moteatea.

“Kapa haka is a wonderful way for both our Māori and non-Māori students to express themselves in a way which is fundamentally Āotearoa in origin. It is a unique part of our identity as New Zealanders, and is about connectedness which each other, with other kapa haka groups and students, with our people, our history and our evolving future. It is an art form which encourages friendship, team work, excellence, competition, physical exercise and just having fun,” says Mike.

Parents planning to attend the breakfast should RSVP directly to him by Tuesday 9 February mfield@christscollege.com