Junior Round Square Day packs a punch

17 Nov 2020

There are no excuses for not knowing about Round Square after today’s assembly in the gym.

The Junior Round Square Day committee put together a memorable programme for the junior school, featuring staff interviews, a “guess the national anthem” contest, and the challenge of a video competition.

“Our aim is to improve the school’s wider knowledge of Round Square and its important ideals,” said Year 10 Luke Kim from Flower’s House.

“We want to make sure that every boy has a good understanding of why we do Round Square at College and how well it sits with this school’s own philosophy.”

Luke, along with Oscar Compton-Moen, Otto Elworthy, William Sudell, Elliot Lee, and Harry Scrymgeour interviewed individual staff members on each of the Round Square ideals.

Deputy Principal Rob Donaldson was questioned on internationalism; Steve Everingham on democracy; Dr Graeme Swanson on environmentalism; the Rev Bosco Peters on adventure; Executive Principal Garth Wynne on leadership; and Graeme Christey on voluntary service.

Joshua Hooker’s playing of the Irish national anthem had the assembly confused for several minutes until one student hit on the correct answer.

All the Houses were encouraged by Luke Kim to make a short video on the enactment of the Round Square ideals – for a major prize, plus a People’s Choice award – to be judged next week.

The Junior Round Square day also included a lunchtime hand ball game in the gym.

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