Introducing the class of 2023

29 Jan 2019

As ever, our new Year 9 students formally began their time at College in Chapel, welcomed by Executive Principal Garth Wynne and Rev. Bosco Peters in a short ceremony on Monday 28 January.

The boys filed in, smart in their pristine uniforms and polished shoes, nervous but eager, ready to start their College journey to becoming the graduating class of 2023.

While College is an Anglican school founded on Christian principles, Bosco made it clear it is also a school that embraces diversity. In Religious Education the boys will learn about all the great world religions, plus ethics and philosophy. He described a College education as being about information, formation and transformation. By understanding the Christian foundation of Western civilisation and by being exposed to a wide range of ideas and experiences, the boys will have freedom to change and grow, understand different perspectives, find meaning and purpose, and come to appreciate and enjoy the world in which we live.

In his inimitable style, Garth then asked Head Prefect Zach Gallagher and Deputy Head Prefect Max Heywood to step forward, explaining to the boys, “This is a little bit of what you are going to turn into ... Your experience of College, your own disposition, plus the influence of your family and friends will help you become the adult you are going to be.” And while it might feel a bit strange and daunting at first, he reassured them they would soon fit in. Garth then asked each boy to come forward, introduce himself to Zach and receive a gift of a toy carabiner, designed to symbolise how the school will support them, but it is up to them to take control of their College experience.