Interest is growing

28 May 2019

The Environment committee has been quietly tending native plants at College for a while now, and many of these plants are now strong enough to be repotted and nurtured elsewhere.

Interest in the Red Zone regeneration project is growing. St Margaret’s College has established its own Eco-Action Satellite Nursery and, on Monday 27 May, Physics teacher David Newton and Environment committee members Jim Gibbs, William Koko and Andrew Kwak headed to St Margaret’s armed with plants and potting mix, frames, bags and trays, ready to help St Margaret’s students and teachers get growing.

David demonstrated the correct technique. “The idea is that when the plant goes into the grow bag it’s in the centre of the pot, make sure not to disturb the roots, then pull out the frame, pat the dirt down and weed as you go.”

With hundreds of juvenile ribbonwood, cabbage trees, black matipo, kanuka, manuka, toetoe, flax and wind grass to repot, the work was soon underway, a small forest taking root.

“It’s a good way to give back to the school and community,” says Year 12 student William Koko. “There’s so much going on with the environment at the moment and this is a good, practical way to help out.”

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