Growth spurt for Eco-Action Nursery Trust

09 Mar 2021

More native plants will support increased native birdlife in Christchurch.

The forest we are planting in the next 10 years will provide a great environment for recreation, as well as harvesting CO2 and cleaning both atmospheric dust and water runoff in our city.

The students involved at all levels – from seed sowing to planting and maintenance – share in the enjoyment of supporting an activity that contributes to overall wellbeing.

About 5500 native plants were grown at the five original school satellite nurseries. In addition 10,000 50x50 pots were pricked out. These were distributed to all 12 school nurseries. The potting mix and seed-raising mix – donated by CLS Canterbury Landscape Services – continues to grow great plants. In all, 20,000 seedlings were pricked out ready for distribution to the school nurseries in 2021 to replace the 10,000 they have potted up and are growing on to be planted out this winter.

The 2021 planting dates are Sunday, 16 May, 20 June, 8 August and 5 September, from 10am to noon.

The 12 existing satellite nursery schools – Shirley Boys’ High School (SBHS), Avonside Girls’ High School, Rawhiti Primary, St Andrews College, Christchurch Girls’ High School, Linwood College, Christ’s College, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, St Margaret’s College , Cathedral Grammar, Christchurch South Intermediate and Heaton Intermediate – will be joined by St Michael’s Church School, Burnside Primary and Christchurch Boys’ High School.

However, about 2000 plants are still looking for a school host.

Weed control is very important, as is the sponsorship we get both in cash and in-kind. Mulch stops weed growth between trees. Arborist businesses dumped the mulch for free and then Stark Bros donated their tip truck and dumped 220 tonnes of Living Earth from Waste Management. Isaac provided a work experience digger to show SBHS students operational details and spread the mulch. It was completed by Rossco Bobcats. Maugers Contracting and Stark Bros carted mulch, supplied free by CCC and Living Earth.

There were five planting out sessions on two red zone sites last year. The QEII Adventure Nature Trail benefited from two plantings and Chimera Crescent, three. These were very well supported by the schools and their communities, as well as the public. The Rata Foundation and CCC Parks, as well as Bunnings Shirley, provided support towards pots and spades. We now have 240 spades. The 70 mini rakes mean we have the extra equipment that up to 300 planters need. Thank you all for your efforts. The toilet trailer was donated by Hirepool and EnviroWaste donated 60 wheelie bins to help distribute the potting mix. Te Tira Kāhikuhiku – the Christchurch Red Zones Transformative Land Use Consultative Group – donated $20,000. It will be used to buy pots, spades, mulch and other essentials.

The largest donations were from the schools, with cash and thousands of volunteer hours. Thank you to everyone. We will continue to plant up both sites, with more information on our website and Facebook.

Please consider joining our group.

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