From tiny seeds

23 Aug 2018

Revegetation of the fire-damaged Port Hills and greening the Red Zone are on-going initiatives for the benefit of the city – and the Environment Committee continues its work, nurturing the College nursery, doing what it can to help.

Year 13 students Jisu Kim and Josh Ting are among the boys that regularly meet after school on Thursdays to transfer native seedlings into larger pots and look after them until they are ready to plant out. Both are absolutely committed to the work and say it is an easy way to make a difference.

“It’s simple and practical, and a tangible way to help the environment,” says Jisu.

“People all over the world are pushing for green energy and trying to raise awareness of and find solutions for environmental problems,” says Josh. “We have a responsibility to the environment, and this is something we can do for our community.”

College Nursery 2018