For one night only

27 Oct 2017

The 15th annual Christ’s College Film Festival showcased the diverse talent and creativity of College filmmakers. With genres including animation, music video, drama, comedy, thriller and action, and foreign (German) language, and themes dealing with – among other things – the rocky road to love, peer pressure, forgiveness and repentance, the possibilities of teleportation, and some seriously off-the-wall comedy, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Most, but not all, contributors are Media Studies students and the festival gives them the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned about the art of visual storytelling. HoD Media Studies Peter Hewson is always there to guide and advise, but his students are given considerable freedom to pursue their ideas and develop their projects. “They have written scripts, learned how to use cameras, lights, microphones and digital editing technologies, as well as organised people and resources,” says Peter. “It’s a very time consuming and collaborative activity making a film and they’ve all shown considerable perseverance to see their creations through to completion.”

The three industry judges – Anne Williams of Port Hills Productions, Blair Norton the Christchurch news producer for One News, and video editor Doug Thomson – gave excellent feedback, saying they were very impressed with the high calibre of the work.

The Christ’s College Film Festival 2017 was held in the OBT on Tuesday 24 October.


Best Actor – Simon Brown
Best Screenplay – Simon Brown for Tricky
Best Soundtrack – Split, with original music by Jeremy Lidstone
Best Editor – Thomas Stewardson for Repentance
Best Cinematography – Hugo Beale for Tricky
Best Director – Finn Sziranyi for Call Me
Best Film – Tricky