College tunes up for House Music

05 Apr 2019

For the 85th time every boy in every House took to the stage for the annual House Music festival, an event of fun, musicality and enjoyment - always with some surprises.

In two sessions on the same night, the 2019 festival featured music by artists as varied as Billy Joel, the Backstreet Boys, Burt Bacharach and Creedence Clearwater Revival, all sung with enthusiasm and gusto by the competitive House choirs. The small vocal ensembles produced some sublime sounds and Freddie Mercury would have been thrilled with Corfe House’s winning rendition of Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

A responsive audience in the Assembly Hall gave all the necessary kudos while

Cullen Kiesanowski from the band Nomad had the difficult task of judging the festival’s four categories.

Music Director Robert Aburn says the event is totally student led, and always produces some outstanding performances.

“The students leading each House have to choose the repertoire, and perform the music, or arrange the works, and they have to schedule rehearsals and ensure performance standard peaks on the night. It’s a big ask.

“While the music is important, it’s more about building team spirit, the discipline of rehearsals, and of working collaboratively and co-operatively.”


Mr and Mrs CC Moore Choral Plate (Best House Small Vocal Ensemble)
Jacobs 3rd, Julius 2nd Corfe 1st

DJ Ellison Instrumental cup (Bedst House Instrumental Ensemble)
Julius 2nd, Jacobs 1st

House Choir Instrumental Backing Trophy
Somes 3rd, Jacobs 2nd, Harper 1st

The Carey Shield for House Singing (Best Full House Choir)
Harper 3rd, Richards 2nd, Corfe 1st