Clean up with Kākahi

13 Aug 2019

They brainstormed, created prototypes, conducted market research and manufactured, and now Year 13 students Will Macdonald, Jack Elvy, George Matheson and Max Goulter – also known as WJGM Soaps – have launched Kākahi Mussel Shell Soap.

The boys had to develop a sustainable business for their Agribusiness class. When they found out they could source finely ground mussel shells, a by-product of the aquaculture industry and a natural alternative to environmentally damaging microbeads, they came up with the idea of making an exfoliant soap and created Kākahi.

“It has a nice fragrance and is ideal for anyone who uses an exfoliant soap. Very finely ground mussel shells make an excellent exfoliant, as the shells have high levels of calcium, which has many great skin benefits,” says Jack.

The boys have relished the challenge of creating a product and bringing it to market.

“We’ve learned so much about what it takes to run a business, what you have to think about and everything that goes into it. It looks easy, but it’s a lot harder than you think.”

Kākahi is now available on TradeMe and through Facebook.

Kakahi Soap 2Kakahi Soap 1