Big ups to the Arts

29 Jun 2020

Monday 22 June

An edgy, amusing College-themed show, based on long-running Kiwi comedy 7 Days, launched Arts Week on Monday lunchtime in the OBT. Year 13 student and MC Owen Short did a fine job of wrangling the two teams – one with Dominic Edmond, Max Luisetti, Henry Mossman and Josh Johnston, the other with Louis Gunn, Jamie Yee, Sam Averill and Elia Garrett.

The boys had no trouble keeping the audience entertained, coming up with some at times out-there responses to seemingly innocuous questions (or answers). Biology teacher and magician Callum Bell and drama gap student Devan Williams gamely took some good-natured hits, some “mystery” staff members were identified, and after a short but intense debate, the recurring question of whether College should go co-ed was answered with a resounding no.

Wednesday 24 June

Take two seniors and two juniors from each House, pitch seniors against seniors and juniors against juniors, add some beats, and there you have it – all the ingredients for a rip-roaring game of musical chairs, and entertainment for a dreary Wednesday lunchtime. Head of Arts & Culture Jamie Yee was an enthusiastic MC, assisted by referees Dominic Edmond and Sam Averill and – apart from when the refs forgot to remove some chairs, and the times when musical chairs appeared to morph into a tug of war (but nothing that couldn’t be decided with a game of paper, scissors, rock) – it all ran as you would expect. Down to the last three, it was a boarding House showdown for the seniors, with Year 12 student Jack Jones from Richards House stealing the win, and Year 10 student Tom Foster was the last man sitting in the junior competition.

Thursday 25 June

An assembly unlike any assembly this year. The whole school was treated to a humorous take on the norm, led by Head of Arts & Culture Jamie Yee. He and his team turned the activities report on its head, gave “Real Housemasters” a stir, and encouraged Executive Principal Garth Wynne, Deputy Principal Rob Donaldson, Head Prefect Dominic Edmond and Deputy Head Prefect Louis Gunn to “pin the tie on the Donny.” Gunn may have been cheating, but he won the prize – hand sanitiser. There was seriously competitive interhouse debating at lunchtime with Somes, Harper, Condell’s, Rolleston and Julius having wins. Condell’s Rolleston, Somes and School will contest the semi-finals next term. In the evening, the REACTION House Plays festival wrapped up in the Old Boys’ Theatre in front of adjudicator Peter Rutherford and an exuberant house of boys and supporters.

Friday 26 June

Much anticipated, and always well supported, the annual staff versus student debate was the perfect entertainment for a dreary Friday lunchtime – and the students were victorious. The senior College debating team of John-Paul Lay, Angad Vraich and Jamie Yee swept aside the arguments of Chaplain Bosco Peters, and musos Nick Sutcliffe and Robert Aburn,

on the moot “that this House would bunk Chapel.” Guest adjudicator Old Boy Wills Wynn Thomas was clearly impressed by the calibre of all those on stage, but found the boys the more convincing team. He considered Bosco and Jamie the most impressive speakers.