Authors discuss ways to help parents raise strong, resilient sons

13 Jun 2017

More than 100 people attended the Parents’ Information Evening on Wednesday 7 June where authors Richard Aston and Ruth Kerr discussed their tips for raising strong, happy sons from boyhood to manhood. These came from their book Our Boys which Executive Principal had given at the beginning of the year to parents of all Year 9 students.

The main message from the couple was to walk alongside their sons during their adolescent journey and to keep strong connections with their boys. They also stressed the importance of the father or another male in the family starting the conversations and continuing to have an active role in discussions with their boys.

Ruth and Richard have been working with boys for 13 years, matching fatherless boys with male mentors through a highly successful programme called Big Buddy that helps boys grow and develop into fine young men. The knowledge they shared came from working with hundreds of Big Buddy boys and men, as well as from parenting their own children and

Richard Ruth BW

Authors Richard Aston and Ruth Kerr