Art writ large

15 Oct 2018

When he created his miniature sculpture Our Stories Make Us in his Visual Arts class, Year 11 student Ollie Moginie had no idea it would become part of SCAPE Public Art Season 2018.

“My teacher, Mr George, told us about SCAPE and several of us submitted our work to the competition. It was pretty cool to have my design picked up for the exhibition.”

As one of the winners in the Re:ACTIVATE Aspiring Artist Senior category, Ollie’s reward was to see his concept design enlarged and made into the sculpture now on display in Hagley Park.

Each of the colourful sticks in Ollie’s sculpture represents an aspect of the environment, and together they create a beautiful but fragile whole, perfectly in balance. Remove one stick, upset the balance, and the whole falls apart. It is a reminder to all of us to protect and nurture our environment.

Ollie created his original out of matchsticks. “In class we talked about the design process, then I did a few drawings and came up with a few different designs, different ways to put them together, before deciding what I wanted to do. It’s amazing to see my work magnified and recreated on such a grand scale.”

Our Stories Make Us was constructed by Dominion Constructors and Lewis Bradford engineering, with the sticks painted by Ollie and technology teacher Gavin Love.

Ollie Moginie 1Ollie Moginie 2