Art and faith

22 May 2019

Head of Art Darryn George says he was honoured to collaborate with some of New Zealand’s finest visual and recording artists on the Offering – a collection of 12 gospel hymns complemented by 12 original works of art, with all proceeds going to the Salvation Army.

“It was a real joy to be selected for a project that so strongly reflects my Christian faith. I met some incredible people, the whole production team were great to work with, and that it supports the work of the Salvation Army is a big plus.”

Darryn was asked to create an artwork inspired by Le ART’s powerful a cappella rendition of “Abide With Me”. He describes it as the perfect fit for many of the themes of his work, which often explore aspects of faith.

“The hymn talks about the cross before me, the way of salvation, and how, in the journey through death, God is beside you and with you on the way. The pattern on the waka in my artwork means strength, the word ‘noho’ means ‘abide’, and the dark clouds are disappearing, giving way to the light. The waka, the cross, becomes the way of salvation through death.”

The Offering was dreamed up by entrepreneur Murray Thom and launched in Auckland earlier this month. At the art auction, held on Thursday 9 May, Darryn’s artwork fetched $36,800 – a stellar contribution to a very worthy cause. For more information about the Offering, go to

Darryn George painting PortraitDarryn George painting 2