A sporting chance

15 Jun 2017

They arrived late in the afternoon of Monday 12 June, spilling out of their coach, ready for the challenge of the annual Christ’s College–Otago Boys’ High School winter sports exchange. Less than 24 hours later, they were back on the road home, all tired, some triumphant, with memories of good games, well played.


By focusing on coaching and player development, College basketball is coming along in leaps and bounds. This is the first time College has beaten OBHS in a very long time, which made victory all the sweeter.

83–63 (College)


The College team presented a compelling argument that convincingly negated the motion “This house believes tertiary education should be free”. Wills Wynn Thomas was a standout speaker on the day.

College won by 3 points


Junior XI
This was a very even match. OBHS probably had a slight edge in terms of skills, but College was not giving an inch, competing well for a satisfying result. Kosei Oikawa, Kynan Salt and Josh Wynne scored goals for College.

3–3 (draw)

1st XI
OBHS were very strong in opposition but, thanks to superb work by College goalie Will McClusky, could not get any points on the board. Kevin Guttman and Finbar Gallaway scored for College, leading to a well-deserved win.

2–0 (College)


With excellent teamwork, good passing and ball speed, the College 1st XI cleaned up. Ollie Love and Henry Phelps both scored two goals, with Sam Blake and Nic Lidstone getting one each. OBHS never had a chance.

6–0 (College)


College rugby has been on a roll recently, but both the 1st and 2nd XVs were stopped in their tracks by the mighty OBHS.

2nd XV
OBHS was, quite simply, too big, too strong, too good and, although they put in a valiant effort, the College 2nd XV struggled right from the start.

51–14 (OBHS)

1st XV
Behind by a mere 7 points for much of the game, College had some chances but could not convert. Then, when OBHS scored twice in quick succession late in the second half, everyone knew it was game over.

28–9 (OBHS)


Although there were a number of close matches, the College team was outplayed every time and could not take any of the games.

5–0 (OBHS)

Out of eight matches played, College won four, OBHS won three, and there was one draw.