A rural idyll

26 May 2020

Life on a North Canterbury farm is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul, and for Year 12 student Vinnie Wee living the rural dream was the best part of lockdown. Going home wasn’t an option, neither was staying with his guardian in the city, so international student Vinnie asked his friend and fellow boarder Harry Penter if he could stay with his family.

“It was my first time on a farm and it was amazing. Harry’s family were so welcoming and always kept me entertained. I’ve done things I’d never otherwise experience, such as possum trapping, seeing wild deer, collecting firewood and helping to feed the farm dogs,” says Vinnie.

Both boys did their best to keep on top of remote learning, but confess they frequently got distracted, relishing the lack of routine and plenty of free time. Now back in Richards House, they are slowly readjusting to boarding life. Vinnie says he finds it hard having to get up early again, “It was good being on the farm and having a more relaxed life.”

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