A ribbon of green

19 Jun 2018

On the morning of Sunday 10 June, a large group of volunteers from the College community and Avon-Otakaro Forest Park group planted around 1800 Carex Secta, donated by Orari Nursery, on the banks of the Avon-Otakaro. The hardy native grasses will contribute to the ecological restoration of the Red Zone, recreating the wetlands that once covered the area and providing a habitat where pukekos and other wild fowl can thrive.

Head of Environment Cameron Jones says it is great to see such a strong commitment to this work. “It’s important to help the land recover and good to know we’re doing something so special. Plus, it’s an excellent service opportunity for College. We’re giving back to the community and making the Red Zone a nicer place.”

The new grasses are in close proximity to where the Environment Committee (and friends) planted other natives last year. Cameron says seeing how much they have grown makes it all worthwhile. “The birds are back; the muddy, swampy environment is ideal for them. We even saw some pukekos checking out the new planting before we left.”

The committee plan to grow the event. “We’re hoping more people will want to get involved and this will get bigger and bigger each year,” says Cameron. “Imagine the difference that would make.”

CC Planting 1CC Planting 4CC Planting 2