A building of Rookes

05 Feb 2019

For the Rookes family – or families – back to school 2019 was one of the more memorable days in their long and fond association with College.

Looking sharp, smart and ready for a new adventure, Year 9 students and cousins George Rookes, Harry Rookes and Jono Rookes are the latest generation of Rookes and Rookes’ relatives proud to call themselves College boys. Their fathers – Old Boys and brothers Richard Rookes, Tim Rookes and Jeremy Rookes – were delighted to take the opportunity to enjoy an impromptu family catch-up as they delivered their sons to school.

“It’s a great day for our family, such a special event – and they’re all starting 100 years after their great grandfather Herbert Charles Hiatt also started at College. Fantastic!” says Harry’s father Tim.

Rookes Family

Left to right: Jeremy Rookes (9759), son Jono Tim Rookes(10349), son Harry Richard Rookes (10770), son George