Software ship comes in for Old Boy George Plummer

01 Dec 2021

Software entrepreneur – and College Old Boy – George Plummer (10762) is enjoying a wave of success with StarShipIt.

Launched in 2011, the shipping software firm has become a global software service (SaaS), with more than 15,000 users, and partnerships with leading postal and courier firms, such as DHL. Its shipping platform deftly dovetails with e-commerce platforms to provide advanced shipping solutions around the world.

With experience in IT in London and a very successful business already under his belt in New Zealand, George next recognised that there was an easier way to ship items around the world, founding StarShipIt after seeing a friend use multiple couriers to ship his products when a single solution would prove considerably more cost-effective and timely.

Initially, George developed custom solutions for businesses. However, that soon changed. By 2014, George was on the path to a SaaS solution, with an evolving business model. He worked with DHL in New Zealand, before that partnership expanded to Australia and then globally in 2018 – opening the door to retailers in more than 100 countries.

He plans to continue to grow StarShipIt internationally, building relationships and enhancing solutions to increase profitability, with 2022 tipped to be a big year. His approach to organic growth helps drive the business, without the need for outside investment.

While well established in New Zealand and Australia, StarShipIt is already competing in major international markets. With Covid-19, more businesses have moved online and sought improved shipping solutions – opening the door to StarShipIt. To meet those demands, George plans to boost his development team and keep his eye firmly on the global market.

He believes that it is important to always back yourself­ and your ideas, never doubting your plan or model – no matter the obstacles.