Sam Cowdy (12018)

28 Apr 2020

Sam Cowdy is part of the Christchurch family-owned business of Cowdy and Co, and he runs the firm’s commercial and residential sales with brother Nick, another Old Boy.

Although they can’t physically show properties while under lockdown, interest hasn’t waned, he says, and technology has been a godsend.

“It’s been a new curve for all of us – staff, buyers and sellers. In residential, we’re finding the uncertainty has put some plans on hold, while others continue to buy and sell without concern. Because we can’t go on site, we are mainly dealing with parties who viewed the properties prior to lockdown. But we’re also expecting to see some ‘sight unseen’ negotiations happening.

“There are pockets of activity, from first home buyers wanting to move capital from their KiwiSaver by buying property, as well as ex-pat Kiwis looking to return to New Zealand. There’s also real motivation from those who sold unconditionally prior to lockdown and need a place to live.

"In commercial, we have properties ready to begin marketing post lockdown. We remain positive and need to be able to adapt in a market changing on a daily basis.”

Like most, Sam is working from home – and amid the noise and challenges of a young family.

“With all the hardship and heartbreak our region has endured, I have faith that we’ll all support our local people, businesses and workforce when we come out of this. Together, our region’s resilience will prevail."